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Established in 2004, Midea Real Estate Group has become a famous domestic real estate developer after more than 10 years of development; mainly engaged in real estate development, the company involves in various business fields, such as property management, smart home, commercial real estate, culture and travel, pre-fabricated house. Adhering to the new-type urbanization strategy, the company focuses on regional deep penetration and pay attention to balance of city layout; as at March 31, 2018, the company has implemented its strategic layout in the Pearl River Delta Region, the Yangtze River Delta Region, the Middle Reaches of Yangtze River, the Bohai Rim region, Southwest Economic Area; its projects cover 33 cities (located in 11 provinces) and 1 municipality. In 2017, the turnover of the company exceeded 50 billion.
Owned by Midea Real Estate Group, Aim for developing building industrialization. Our unique operating mode 'REMAC',Research,Estate,Manufacture,Accommondate chain,Construction,We are committed to create a whole module-building industrial cluster platform with Smart-Construction as the center.Now,The pearl river delta, Yangtze river delta and beijing-tianjin-hebei region are on our layout.In order to form a R&D system covering the whole industry chain and to booster construction industrialization.
There are six technology research institute are conducting in-depth study in Building,Engineering,Information,Equipment,Materials and Manufacturing Technologies
We are committed to providing comprehensive solutions for Prefabricated module building industrial,including:R&D, design, production and engineering services of assembly buildings,Intelligent household products such as R&D,design, production services of integral bathroom and kitchen.R&D, design, production and sales services of intelligent equipment, new building materials, moulds, special parts, etc.In the future, REMAC TECHNOLOGY will continue to promote the industrialization of Chinese architecture, adhere to the brand concept of "Create a Better Home With Creative Technologies", and create a better life for tomorrow.
Core competency
High-quality resource
Benefits from the Midea intelligent manufacturing production line and KUKA robot equipment, Midea Real Estate has capability to build an industry-leading intelligent automatic production line, and has a high starting point in industrial construction.
City-Industry Integration
Our PC industry development follows the real estate company’s strategic layout, and the powerful internal market provides us a strong backing to get through the incubation period and develop rapidly and on a large scale, thus achieving a win-win situation with developers through City-Industry Integration.
The whole industry chain
Our PC industry already covers the whole industry chain. We have BIM R&D center, Institute of Equipment Technology, Institute of Research and Design and New Material R&D center, which provide strong support for our industry development. In term of manufacturing, we have a PC component production factory, and set up a joint venture company with a well-known domestic bathroom brand, which introduces the unit bathroom and the unit kitchen production line. Meanwhile, we also invested in an integrated furniture brand committing to provide packaged solution for home improvement. Furthermore, we are actively collaborating with architectural design companies to promote EPC model. The establishment of the whole industry chain, the scale of the layout and production capacity and the strong internal demand, which provide a powerful support for REMAC’s building industrialization.

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